RS-2005-ARO Series


Single Spring Seals

The RS-2005-ARO series seals are single helical coil spring seals. These seals are available in balance & unbalance configuration. These seals are low starting torque and therefore

RS 1001/2007


Double Mechanical Seals

The RS-1001/-RS 2007 series seals are multiple spring double mechanical seals. These seals are suitable where absolute leak proof sealing is necessary due

About Us

ROTOMEK is a leading manufacturer and aftermarket service provider of comprehensive flow management products and services. Our solutions help move, control and protect the flow of materials

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Rotomek Seals- Looking for better technology products. Visit us online to have a look at Roto Seal.    

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Our Clients

With over 20 years of rich experience in manufacturing, we at Rotoseals Pvt Ltd deal with clients cut across all sectors. Our clients have shown faith in us and have stayed with us since dec

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  • It was truly a pleasure working with Rotomek Seals. Their professionalism and expertise were appreciated by our members and his take-aways could be easily implemented.
  • We were satisfied with Rotomek Seals product quality. We would recommend them to clients and references in future.
  • Our procurement team got us to align with Roto Seals for seals requirements. Roto Seals have delivered the best products at a good price.