Rotomek Seals is full-service partner to a diversity of key industrial sectors. Irrespective of whether you’re looking at pumps, agitators, compressors, turbines, valves, pipeline systems or ventilators. Major companies have in some cases been placing their trust in our experience and competence for decades. Besides our products and services, they value our industry expertise and specialist knowledge of their requirements and processes.

We see ourselves as problem-solvers, and provide them with assistance in finding efficient and effective ways towards striking a proper balance between economic efficiency, safety and environmental protection. In doing so, we attach the same importance to the selection and quality of the seal components as we do to the services going hand in hand with the production process.

  • Multi Spring Seals
  • Double Mechanical Seals
  • Metal Bellow Seals
  • PTFE Bellow Seals
  • Single Spring Seals
  • Cartridge Seals
  • Elastomer Bellow Seals


  • It was truly a pleasure working with Rotomek Seals. Their professionalism and expertise were appreciated by our members and his take-aways could be easily implemented.
  • We were satisfied with Rotomek Seals product quality. We would recommend them to clients and references in future.
  • Our procurement team got us to align with Roto Seals for seals requirements. Roto Seals have delivered the best products at a good price.